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Material Suppliers

​Petro Rabigh places great emphasis on the quality and reliability of its products. In order to achieve that, we count on the effort and contribution of all our stakeholders.


Our suppliers play an essential role in our overall performance. Therefore, we expect from our suppliers the highest level of commitment to achieve the performance and quality level we strive for and realize Petro Rabigh's Mission and Vision.


Material Supplier Guide:

This document is a guide to help all material suppliers (vendors and manufacturers) establish their business with Petro Rabigh:

  • Register, establish and manage relationship with Petro Rabigh
  • Familiarize themselves the procurement, logistic, payment, and safety requirements of Petro Rabigh
  • Understand supplier performance measures and criteria.


All companies supplying materials to Petro Rabigh need to be registered. The registration requirements differ from one company to another based on the location and type of the company. Petro Rabigh is looking for companies who can meet the company's needs and requirements.

Local/overseas manufacturers: [email protected]

Representative/Trader/Agent: [email protected]

 Material Supply Supplier Relation: [email protected]

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